Will A New Puppy Keep Me More Active You Ask?

Puppy breath. What’s not to love. A fuzzy little round body and little puppy snuggles.

Having taken up trail running as of late, I decided I needed a partner. It turns out, dogs and puppies are hard to find these days. It seems everyone wants a “pandemic dog or pup.” I found her though. She was born on my birthday. A sure sign this pup was the one. A red lab.

Her name is Ruby and she is perfect. My husband and I are empty nesters and we agreed to spoil her rotten. For us that means she can sleep in our bed, be up on the furniture, pretty much go where ever we go. The end game here is that I want to get extra steps in and move on the top of the hour while awake. Being in a desk job, that is harder than you might imagine.

Ruby is just over 3 months old now and yes, we are getting in extra steps and moving, a lot. Potty training a pup keeps you jumping up at least once an hour. There are short walks along the river during the day and time to look up at the stars in the middle of the night while you are standing out in your front yard in your pajamas, shivering.

My husband works from home as I soon will be too. Ruby has settled in to quite a nice schedule. It’s basically going 100 mph from 5 AM to 8 or 9AM and then napping on the futon while my husband works in the den for most of the day with exception of a few trips outside to use the potty outside. Then, it’s basically 100 mph again from 5 PM to 8 PM when she puts herself to bed. There are not many midnight or O’dark thirty potty runs outside anymore.

Ruby can come when she is called (provided you have treats on you) and can do a squirmy sit for a few moments. She can also walk on a leash quite well if you carry peanut butter on the end of a long wooden spoon and hold it in front of her. She is sleeping on my feet at the moment keeping my toes toasty.

Ruby starts obedience classes the middle of May. I’m not sure how she will do as she will still be quite young, but I am sure she will pick up a few pointers as will I. And, socialization, well, thats key, right?

I can’t wait until I can take Ruby running with me some day! Right now its leash work, good nutrition for a strong body, and lots puppy snuggles and love.

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