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Rituals. The Tent Stakes Of Our Lives.

Rituals are the tent stakes of our lives. They anchor us in traditions and mark the pivot points of our day. Rituals do not just happen. They require planning and effort. Once recognized for what they are, rituals can be created and modified to springboard us into new healthy habits.

Think of it like color blocking your calendar. For example, the act of lighting a candle before supper can mark your transition from the work day to your evening hours at home. Getting up 15 minutes early to enjoy a hot, fresh cup of coffee in quiet by yourself can mark a positive transition into the busy day ahead. Our rituals can transition us from one daily mode to another. They can move us from work to planned exercise, date night, family time, or down time.

As you know, my new fun activity is hula hooping for exercise (see “That Darn Belly Fat” blog dated 5/26/2020.) I’m good enough at it, finally, to have started an online hoop challenge. It’s addictive and fun but I’m working on setting up a ritual to pivot me into my daily hooping routine. This week I will try out a 7 PM hula hoop ritual. It’s enough time for me to let my supper settle a bit and gives me enough time to settle back down before bedtime too. I will pick out 3 of my favorite tunes each evening and hula hoop away, practicing whatever the online hoop challenge is for the day.

This week, pick your activity, plan your ritual or pivot to point you to your activity, and turn it in to a habit! Kudos to my Platinum Muse readers and followers for already being proactive with creating new healthy mind and body rituals by reading the Platinum Muse. The Platinum Muse is all about support, staying motivated, having a positive attitude, sharing tips, and encouraging you along your own individual journey toward increased wellness.

Thank you for spending a moment reading Platinum Muse! Start a new uplifting ritual for yourself now and subscribe to Platinum Muse! We here to support and encourage each other so share your favorite health and wellness ritual with us here on Platinum Muse! You can also find me on Facebook. Search The Platinum Muse and follow me there if you like.

Platinum Muse readers, stay in the moment! I wish you an amazing week ahead!