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Stick To The Plan

Several weeks back I shared some of my thoughts on belly fat and my plan to get rid of at least some of what I had. Check it out here if you have not already read it!


Here is how the plan unfolded. I started the “Hula Hoop Challenge” as laid out in my previous blog, and, indeed, I am now a better hooper. Did I hit every day like I had planned? No. I did not loose weight as planned either but I did maintain. This is huge for me after having lost 100# fairly recently. I did loose one inch off of my waist though! All in all, hooping is great fun and now part of my workout plan. I will not be doing hoop tricks any time soon as in the challenge, nor do I really want to. I’m just a straight up hoopster girl and love it.

This brings me to the second and more important part of this blog though which is that life unfolds all around us despite our best laid plans. I mean, here we have a global pandemic, social unrest, protests, a downright scary economy, and a big face mask debate going on. The list goes on. I’m telling you, it messes with my mind and my best laid plans. I stay positive and optimistic for my patients (I’m a nurse) but, sometimes I fall hard in my off time. The thing is, you will never have a perfect day. You are going to stumble and fall. Sometimes hard. The secret is to get back up. All or nothing mentally is not going to deliver the results you want. Stumbling, falling, getting back up and getting after it WILL deliver results. It’s that persistent sticking to the plan that will get you to your goal.

This week Platimun Muse readers, I challenge to you stick to your plan. Don’t change plans mid week and don’t beat yourself up if you stumble and fall. Just get back up and get after it!

Thanks for reading the Plantinum Muse and let’s grab a hold of the new week and make it count!

That Darn Belly Fat

I remember the day. I was sitting at my desk at the hospital where I work and was checking off my tasks as a RN Care Coordinator while chatting a bit to my co-worker along side me. I happen to glance down and there it was. Even though I had had lost a significant amount of weight by then, I spied a roll of belly fat. I swear it appeared overnight. I mumbled to my office mate “What the heck is going on with my body fat! It’s migrating around on my body!” We laughed and were soon having one of our usual in depth conversations about aging, fat, health and wellness, and what we ate yesterday.

My plan? Ditch this belly fat, one way or another. I’m not much in to fads or gimmicks. I’ve read up a little on the subject though. It seems belly fat is kind of like that expanding foam packing material. It gets in between your organs and in them and in the expandable curtain covering your belly–the omentum. It is not the pinchable subcutaneous fat, but the deeper visceral fat. Not the brown healthier fat, but the problematic yellow fat. It acts like an endocrine organ and spits out all kinds of bad secretions. It can account for your ever expanding waistline as you age.

I remember my mother always aspiring to the idyllic 24″ waist of the 50’s and 60’s. Now, it’s my understanding the goal is less than 40″ for men and less than 35″ for women. I am somewhere between the 24″ and 35″ but not ready to actually put my waist measurement up on a public post. Not yet. I’m also not quite at the BMI I would like, although close.

So, my plan: Cut back on my calories/points a tad to get me to my personal goal weight and doing some targeted exercises to see what happens to this waist measurement of mine. Specifically, checking my heart rate during exercise to make sure I am in my target zone and, doing my planks…..again. And here goes, yes, working out with my weighted hula hoop to keep it real, and fun!

I will update you when I either see results or have to rethink my plan. Give me 4-6 weeks and I’ll fill you in.

I hope you had a safe, enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend and thank you to those of you who worked through it to keep our world turning. Thank you too for taking a moment to read the “Platinum Muse.” Leave me a comment! I would love to hear your thoughts!

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