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Wellness Contingency Plan

Alright. Now that we are hunkered down and our hands are chapped from all the hand washing, what’s your real plan to stay healthy? I’m talking about your diet and exercise plan. You may no longer want to be going to the gym or doing any kind of group exercise as you did before. It is likely that you have decided to cut down on your trips to the grocery store as well. It’s time to have your “Plan B” ready. Exercise is still one of the best ways to give your body a fighting chance against many illnesses. Simply put, your body was made to move. Get in at least your 30+ minutes of moderate activity a day to boost your immune system. Get that blood pumping, lymph circulating, lungs expanding–preferably with fresh outside air! Drink your water, take your vitamins, get some sunshine, eat healthy! Give your body a fighting chance to work it’s own magic.

You have landed here on social media but limit your time here and with the news in general. You don’t need the TV 24/7 News Channel streaming the world’s news into your living room. It’s mentally toxic. Remember, every cell in your body reacts to what’s being processed in your brain. Kind of like a school of fish swimming and darting about in unison reacting to a dangerous predator. Your body only knows what your mind communicates to it. Fill your mind with good things. It just makes sense. Read a good book, engage in a hobby, spend time outdoors. Be kind to yourself.

My hope for you is that you stay healthy through this pandemic and that you treat yourself and others well. Be your own best friend. Thank you for spending time with me and we will chat again next week!