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One Step At A Time

Kudos to you if you have made an attempt to start a walking program. You deserve a pat on the back for any attempt you have made to increase your daily activity. It’s one of the best things you can do for your own good health. I would like like to pass along just a few tips though to keep you going. Things I have found helpful on my own journey of reaching 10,000 steps a day and a 100# weight loss.

By all means, buy yourself a pair of properly fitting shoes designed for walking. After a year of battling plantar fasciitis I finally made a trip to Dicks Sports and got fitted for a walking shoe designed for my needs. It was well worth the time and money spent. I don’t ever take my shoes for granted anymore and take my walking shoes with me whenever and wherever I think I may be racking up some miles. Once you find a brand and style that works for you, stick with it. Oh, and get yourself some socks that don’t bunch up either. Nothing is worse than having your socks bunch up in your shoes when you are on a walk or a run. Socks with a little padding on the bottom are a real treat for your feet as well.

Be mindful of your clothes. Athletic wear is definitely more comfortable for walking and running. It’s what it’s designed to do. It wicks moisture, breaths, and moves with your body. It will make a difference in your workouts. Buy yourself a few quality items that make you feel good about yourself and fit well and make you look forward to working out. It’s an investment in yourself and you will be glad you made it.

Did you know most people favor one foot in particular and land harder on that foot consistently when walking or running? It will be the foot or leg or hip that you likely will incur any upcoming injury on. You cannot avoid all injuries but you can help keep the odds in your favor by alternating your steps in a way to even out your stride. It’s a 1-2-3, 1-2-3 gait alternating the heavier foot strike on the 1 of the 2-3. So, it’s L-2-3, R-2-3, L-2-3, R-2-3. and so on with the heavier foot strike on the L and R strikes. Try it! The rhythm will keep you going too when you think you want to quit.

To improve your gait and speed keep your core tight. Basically, pull in your belly button and then do one little final adjustment by also sucking your belly button up into your rib cage. Stand up straight when you walk and keep your focus straight ahead if you are looking to make good time. Imagine a stick going right up through your spine and out the top of your head. Swing your arms at about a 45 degree angle when you walk with your thumbs kind of leading the way so your hands are not flopping around like the wings of a duck trying to take off flying from the water. I see this a lot. Good golly! Now, smile and enjoy! Feel yourself getting stronger with each stride. You have made such a good decision. Give yourself a pat on the back. You are doing this!

Stay strong. Stay healthy. Have an awesome week. Thank you for spending a little time with me. Leave me a comment with your favorite walking or running tip!