Here I am. Another week of the COVID 19 event is unfolding. American politics are heating up as we close in on the November elections. I find that I sometimes am getting derailed from my personal goals by outside events. Or, as I like to call them, drive by shootings. You know, someone feeling compelled to deliver a rant and create turbulence in your head.

Americans have become polarized. We exist in our own news bubbles and social media platforms. It’s ironic given our modern communication abilities.

This week I am committing to refocusing on my goals. I will try to be open minded and focus on the big picture. I will try to listen to opposing political views, but, if I need to, will place them in my mental quarantine and move on.

Join me in moving forward into a week of positivity. Let’s eat clean, push our physical limits a bit, and help to lift up the people around us. Don’t let toxic people rent space in your head—evict them. Anything is possible if you can control the thoughts swirling around in your own head.

Thank you for reading the Platinum Muse and remember to stay true to yourself.