Hiking Upper Michigan”s Keweenaw Peninsula: Mt. Baldy Hike

After crossing off the Porcupine Mountain’s Escarpment Trail from my bucket list I set my sights on Mt. Baldy. This was only my second time strapping on my new backpack. I packed a little smarter this time. Even though I consider water pretty heavy, I made sure I had plenty. I traded my rice cakes and pb for apples and cheese this time too. It turns out rice cakes don’t travel all that well in a pack. I even threw in a flashlight just in case.

My husband and I hooked up with our favorite sister-brother-in-law duo for this hike at the trailhead near Eagle Harbor. I gotta say, they were great hiking companions.

The 8.2 mile round trip Mt. Baldy hike was a little easier on the body than the Escarpment Trail in the Porkies. Not as many ups and downs and rock scrambling, but I have to admit I could feel the slow and steady elevation climb.

Again, we lucked out with the weather. It was cloudy but no rain. No bugs either which is a real plus for this hiker. The view at the top of Mt. Baldy is well worth the effort. What can top the view of green expanse unfolding before you from the mountain top except for maybe the view of Lake Superior itself off in the distance. We sat and ate lunch on the mountain top and gazed out over the spectacular view. It really gives one a different perspective of the whole world.

You would at first think that hiking back over the downhill sloping trail would be a lot easier but in fact, it just uses a different set of muscles. Well, maybe it’s a little easier except for the roots, rocks, loose gravel, and fatigue starting to set in a bit.

Out trailhead off in the distance now appeared to be way far away. “Leave it to Beaver” trivia questions and chatter between friends made the miles go quicker and easier.

Would I do the Mt. Baldy hike again? Absolutely! It was breathtaking and not too difficult of a hike.

It seems like I have found a new love. Hiking. And, even hiking with a backpack. It calms me down and feeds my soul. I guess for me it was a culmination of things that brought me to this new found love. A spin off of Covid restrictions that actually had a positive outcome for me as well as the effects of my weight loss effort and focus on wellness.

So what is the #3 hike on my bucket list? Stay tuned to find out where my hiking shoes take me next.

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