Follow The Plan

Ever since I met my husband of almost 40 years now, whenever we journeyed through our darkest of times, he would just look over at me and say “What we are going to do here is follow the plan.” Awash in my own self imposed fears and self made obstacles, virtually incapacitated at times by surrounding circumstances, “follow the plan” has become my mantra, my life line, and my anchor as I am being tossed about in the fallout of the COVID 19 pandemic. I am a nurse still going in to work. I am scared, but, I know my plan and I know my goal. I will make the best possible choice for my own health at every turn through this pandemic. I will come out of this strong and be a positive force in this sometimes seemingly crazy world.

Follow your plan, whatever it is. Write it down. Write your goal down. Remember it. Let it resonate. Let it be your lifeline for you to hang on to and guide you when your vision is obscured as this storm washes over us. Acknowledge that it is hard. Acknowledge that it is scary. Know that you will come out on the other side. Be strong. Have hope.

“Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Invite one to stay.” –Maya Angelou

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