Are You Moving Forward With Your Health and Wellness or Slipping Backwards?

I sometimes hear people say the are “on a break” from their diet and exercise plan. Good health choices have become a struggle and they are backing off for a bit. Can you take a break? That’s the question I am asking you today. In this fast flowing river of life, can you really slip in to an eddy and remain unchanged? I’m not sure. Do the swirling waters around you continue to shape you even though you are relaxing in an eddy? Maybe “taking a break” is making a decision not to think about your wellness plan. You continue to get twirled around like a stick in a river eddy while the eddy continues to shape and redirect you and have it’s way with you. Maybe, if you are not moving forward with your health and wellness plan you are actually moving backward. Maybe it’s more about pacing yourself for the long haul and continuing the wellness journey even if you are not sprinting. Maybe it’s just continuing to put one foot in front of the other to just keep taking those steps, big or small, towards your end goal.

I challenge you today to make mindful choices towards your end goal. Stay the course. Follow the plan. Get your head in the game. Schedule in your activity for this coming week and mindfully plan out your meals. Your body was designed to move and eat clean. Set yourself up with a SMART goal this week and reward yourself when you reach you goal. It’s important. You are important. Take care of yourself.

Thank you for taking this moment with me to reflect on your wellness journey. We are all works in progress. Have an awesome week and I will see you again next weekend! I am interested in your wellness journey. Leave me a comment! Follow me for weekly positive health and wellness encouragement. I am here to cheer you on and celebrate your achievements.

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