Monday. Starting Line.

You can. In this moment you are safe and well. Readying for the week ahead. Strong. Ready to press forward. Finding your new rhythm within the pandemonium.

Hold fast to your health and wellness plan. Right now, more than ever, your healthy choices count. I mean, really count. Set yourself up for success this week. Plan a morning ritual that doesn’t involve the news or social media. Bring yourself in to the moment and take a breath. Watch the sun come up. Enjoy a cup of steaming hot coffee in the quite aloneness before the bustle of the day begins.

Schedule in your activity and meals this week. Be kind to yourself. Do what you can and take a breath. That is hitting your goal.

Take the time to tend to your mindset. Channel your best thoughts in to it and feed it positive bits of reinforcement and motivation. Think of tending to your mindset like you would a garden: pull the weeds and give it water, nourishment, and sunshine. Then watch it grow and bloom.

The COVID 19 pandemic is turning out to be a conduit of change for all of us. Decide to come out on the other side an even stronger and better version of yourself.

Thank you for joining me in a moment of positivity! I am cheering you on in achieving all of your health and wellness goals and reaching for the stars this week!

“Higher ground is the space where wellness resides.” Oprah Winfrey

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