Start you healthy weight loss plan now!

Hop on the old scale and write that number down!

Are you ready to commit to a weight loss program? Are you waiting for Monday? The first of the month? Until a Sunday hits the first of the month? Are your days spinning around like an old vinyl record that has reached the end of it’s song and is now just repeating the static click, click…click, click over and over?

I remember the exact moment I committed to a healthier lifestyle and began my 100# weight loss journey. It was 01/22/18, on the eve of my 63rd birthday. I was tired out, overweight, and on blood pressure meds. My body hurt and I was feeling pretty low. I knew I did not want to continue down the same path another day. My birthday gift to myself that year was a membership in Wellness Works (formerly known as Weight Watchers.) I asked my husband if he thought I was crazy, attending my first meeting on my birthday (no birthday cake for me, thank you very much.) Turns out I had his full support, and no, he did not think I was crazy.

Understand, there were struggles, tears, and set backs along the way. With my husband’s never ending suppport and the unending encouragement from my WW Coach, Pam, and my WW Meeting group, I acheived Lifetime Status 2 1/2 years later, in the middle of this COVID Pandemic. For those of you who don’t know, Lifetime Status in WW means that you hit your goal and maintained it for 6 weeks. It’s a goal I was not sure I could ever achieve. I did though and I am still feeling elated! It’s all about sticking to the plan–whatever that plan may be for you.

I sometimes can’t even believe what I’ve done. My life is good. I’m comfortable in my own skin again and having a blast. Who would have ever guessed I would be doing this–in my 60s?

My most recent high notes? Paddleboarding on Lake Superior, hiking Bear Bluff with my daughter, running, splashing, paddleboarding with my grandkids. Next up on my hit list? I’m going to give Mountain Biking a whirl.

Let’s “manhandle” the week in from of us! Set your goal (keep it real please.) Set your reward and follow through. Good luck! You are worthy!

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Addendum: Paddleboard tips for older, overweight, out of shape adults because I have not found it anywhere else:

  1. Practice stretching out your back and ham strings and balancing on one foot (even if you have to hang on to something.) Strengthen your core a bit, like by doing a few planks. Practice going from kneeling on the floor to putting your hands on the floor in front of you and scootching your feet up under you and going to a standing position. This is how you will get up on your paddleboard if you are like me.
  2. Get a paddle board big enough for you! The bigger the better! Go above your weight range for extra stability.
  3. Take your paddle board out far enough in the lake or river so that if you tip you will not hit anything thing and get hurt.
  4. Now, put your paddle across the board and get on it in a kneeling position. Find the sweet spot where you are the most stable which should be somewhere close to the middle. Plant your knees there. Paddle around kneeling at first.
  5. When your are ready, lay your paddle across the board again and put your hands down on the board in front of you. Rock the board a bit and get comfortable with it’s motion. Then, scootch your hands just a bit forward and scootch your feet up towards that sweet spot as far as you can underneath your body (you’re on your toes and balls of your feet now and not your knees,) grab your paddle, and slowly stand up. Then, smile that big smile of yours and start paddleing!
  6. If for any reason you can’t get to standing just kneel and paddle! Still a blast and hey, you are still paddleboarding! Go for it!

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