Body Dysmorphia–Does your body image in your mind’s eye match the image in the mirror?

By now I hope you have read my recent blog: Now I want to share a funny little tale that happened before my second daughter’s wedding.

We were venue shopping for her wedding and stopped to tour a beautifully restored mansion, “Laurium Manor Inn.” By now I had lost some weight after her sister’s wedding, although certainly not at my goal. We entered the beautiful mansion and I was awestruck by my surroundings. Not realizing one wall was an enormous mirror, I ventured forth to go through what I though was a very wide doorway into the next room. Almost identical to the room I was in as I recall. I mean, did this place go on forever?

Stepping forward, leaving my daughter behind me, I encountered a very friendly looking stranger. “Oh, excuse me!” I said, stepping to the left. The stranger also stepped to the same side as people sometimes do trying to get around one another. I immediately laughed and stepped to the right but the stranger did the same! I noticed too that the stranger had on the exact same outfit as I did! How weird I thought. Then, I stared down the stranger and stepped in to the middle of the opening, now realizing I had been laughing and talking with myself in a mirror. My daughter was standing behind me watching this whole thing and I heard her say, “Mom, are you alright?” We laughed and quickly headed up the polished staircase leaving the woman manning the guest book behind us staring as we quickly ascended the stairs. “The Laurium Manor Inn” is very beautiful, but, in the end we did not select it for the wedding venue.

So, you see, your mind makes it’s self-image of you to suit it’s needs of the moment. It works when both gaining or losing weight. For some reason, the image in your head can lag way behind reality. This even makes it hard to order clothes online during this COVID craziness. Lately, my new purchases, shoes included, are all just a bit too big for me when I actually try them on. I know that’s not a bad problem but still a hassle.

Look in the mirror. Look at pictures of yourself. Measure yourself and try on some new clothes. I mean, you should be able to pick yourself out of a line up, right? Notice your best features and the ones you can improve too! Enjoy the moment and your journey to a better you.

Thanks you for spending a little time with me this evening. I hope this helps someone see their progress in the mirror. Leave me a comment if you like or follow my blog. The Platinum Muse can also be found on Facebook.

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