Driving Your Mindset to Attain Your Goals

I woke up to another beautiful morning! I am starting to feel those wisps of autumn in the air and the daylight hours are noticeably shorter now. I have a good week laid out in front of me and plan to savor each day.

It seems I just can’t stress enough the importance of keeping one’s head in a good place these days. It turns out, I do have quite a bit of control over my mind set. For me it means replacing every negative though with a positive thought or taking that extra second to take note of something beautiful–even something small. I give away more smiles to people passing by It literally turns my day around. I am better now at walking away from negativity and drama than I was before. It is essential for me to do that if I want to hold on to a mindset that permits me to reach and maintain my goals.

This week I will empower myself by writing down my weekly goal with a reward at the end of the week when I achieve it. I will commit to removing myself from drama and toxic conversations. I will be mindful of what I am eating and drinking. I will challenge my body just a little bit more.

I challenge you to go after what you want this week. Tend to your mindset like you would a garden. Pull the weeds trying to take it over, feed and water it. Make sure the sun can shine on it.

Thanks for reading the Platinum Muse. –Sending out smiles and positive vibes to my readers!

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