Coming Back From The Brink

Did you do OK today? On this Monday. Did you follow your plan or did your day spin out of control by 10 AM?

Today my Monday went as planned once it was set in motion. I was able to stay centered and in the moment. Sometimes though our thoughts can get spun up and before you know it we are eating, or smoking, or doing whatever it is we do to try and cope. Our stress levels get ramped up by whatever we perceive our stressors to be and we respond accordingly. Once that chain of reactions begans it is hard to slow it down and stop it. The chemical reactions in our body have begun and sometimes it seems the cycle has to complete itself. It can throw us off our best laid plans.

So, how do we come back from the brink? Take a mental pause and recognize the stressor for what it is. For me, taking a few deep breaths can physiogically break the cycle. Glance out the window if you can and get yourself back in the moment, back to your center. If you feel your stress ramping up again, repeat. Where is your goal, your finish line? Get it in front of you again.

Now, move yourself forward again. No looking back. Get back on your plan. This is how you will achieve your goal. You will never have a perfect day. Laugh, smile, and learn that life is full of slip ups, mishaps, and missteps. Get adept at getting back up on your horse. Just don’t fall off over the other side doing it. But if you do, that’s OK too. You just smile and do it again. We all get it. We’ve all been there. Let’s cheer on each other’s successes this week.

Thanks for reading the Platinum Muse. Next week let’s talk about how our “booties” flatten as we age and how to round things out a bit. Check out your backside in the mirror sometime this week and see what you think!

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