Are You Buying A 2021 Planner?

I apologize for being MIA from blogging for the past 3 weeks. I have been feeling the weight of this COVID thing more and more as our COVID cases climb. I work in health care so there is no escaping it. COVID is pretty much in my face for 8 hours a day.

With that being said, I did stop to browse in the planner section the other day for a 2021 Planner. I went to my favorite store, usual section, only to find 5 bland pocket planners. Nothing even remotely close to my fabulous 2020 Planner which I bought last fall. Are people not buying 2021 Planners? I glanced up at when I got outside. The sky looked gray and I could feel its heavy weight again.

I returned home and began scrolling on FacebooK which is never a good idea. Did you know it’s actually called “doom scrolling” and is kind of an obsessive-compulsive thing? I have to stop doing that but that’s another topic. This time though I stumbled across a gem that gave me a glimmer of hope for my life returning to normal. It was a video clip from the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics (I love that place) about up and coming COVID vaccines:

I took the time to watch the video in its entirety and came around to see a glimmer of a new reality. One is that, yes, it is looking like several COVID vaccines will be coming up for approval by the FDA in a month or two. Once the vaccine studies are thoroughly combed through again by the FDA scientists, they will be ready for release–maybe winter/early spring for frontline workers and “at risk” folks. Maybe, fingers crossed, by late spring/early summer they will be ready for the general public.

The vaccine trial which the University of Iowa is involved in is looking good. It generates a great immune response from the body, even in the elderly. It is hands down a better immune response than you would get from having the disease itself. Studies have not yet been done on COVID vaccines in kids that I am aware of. The University of Iowa vaccine will give you a sore arm after receiving the vaccine and it will likely have you feeling a bit under the weather–kind of like after you get a shingrix (shingles) vaccine but a bit worse. (Um, please tell me you know that the shingrix vaccine can pretty much prevent shingles and that if you are over 50 years old you have had the shingrix 2 dose vaccine?) This particular vaccine requires two doses given about a month apart.

A word about “herd immunity.” Not a good plan as you need to get 60-70% of the population to have been infected (or vaccinated) and we are at about 10% currently. Having COVID does not generate a very good immune response so you could be reinfected. I personally think trying to achieve herd immunity would be insane and would not look good for the home team if you know what I mean.

So, yes! I am shopping online for fabulous 2021 Planner. I have not signed up for vacation at work until late spring and then (I may have to eat my words later but…) I plan to get my life groove back. Snuggle with my kids and grandkids, travel around a bit, hug my friends, and, eventually unmask. We are 7 months into this thing and we can do another 7 months.

Thanks for reading the Platinum Muse! Keep rolling forward folks. Set goals, and yes, buy a 2021 Planner!

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