The Beauty Of Pre Planning Your Meals and Exercise

I was recently asked if it was better to have an end goal in mind or to just try to make one good health choice after another throughout the day with no particular goal in mind. My response was that although making good health choices throughout the day is a great idea, having an end goal is an even better idea. I mean, when we are on the other side of the 2020 Election process and the COVID 19 Pandemic, where do you want to be? So, you can drift through the day with no objective other than to get through it, or, you can move in the direction of your goals. In other words, you can swirl safely in an eddy or be out swimming in the stream moving towards whatever it is you want to achieve. Either way, it is going to change the way your mind is swirling. I would encourage you to be proactive in choosing your own direction. Of course, setting up those small SMART goals and rewards as we discussed in an earlier blog ( will mess with your mind in a good way.

If you have not already tried pre planning your meals and exercise in advance, give it a whirl! It’s a great way to make tomorrow or even the whole next week flow pretty effortlessly for you. It is helpful in getting over a hunger hump or curb stress eating if you already know the plan for the day. It will help you knock off your daily walk, run, or workout that you want to do too! Write your plan down, schedule it in your planner, and cross things off your “to do” list as you go. It’s a great tool and super effective in nailing down new healthy habits!

Thank you for reading the Platinum Muse and for those of you in the U.S. we will meet up again on the otherside of the 2020 Elections–well, at least on the other side of Election Day. Please vote! And remember it is not our place to judge. We are all in this together and diversity and differing opinions are our strength. Stay strong and focused!

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