Chase Down Your Weight Loss Rewards


Let me ask you this. When you reach your goal, do you actually follow through with your reward? Or, do you put it off again because maybe you met your goal but feel that you still need some tweaking. Or, maybe you have deemed yourself unworthy.

Intrinsic rewards, like, losing weight to feel better, move better, look better, improved health, fitting in to a smaller size, will only work for you in the beginning of a weight loss journey. Actually, intrinsic rewards can also be your motivation. Like fitting in to that dress you want to wear to a special event. Eventually, the intrinsic rewards you have set yourself up with will no longer spark your journey for you. That is when you better set yourself up with extrinsic rewards to carry you through the rough days ahead.

Extrinsic rewards are like actually buying that dress you want to fit into, buying yourself that pair of Frye boots that you didn’t feel you deserved before, It can be as simple as allowing yourself time for a soak in a bubble bath, taking a nice walk by yourself, charms, stickers, or as extravagant and purchasing a new car, or taking a trip to Hawaii. It all works the same in your brain and the reward should be whatever it is that floats your boat. It’s this carrot and stick approach of an extrinsic reward that will keep you on track during those difficult days when you are tired out and ready to give up on the admirable goal which you have already set for yourself.

And now, the most important part of all. The part no one ever talks about. Follow through! You absolutely are worth it! You put in the hard work. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself. If you are like me, that is where you stumble. Then, it’s a slippery slope back to the bottom and that negative way of seeing yourself when you were at the beginning of your weight loss journey. Hold your head up high every day. Smile at yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself! You are deserving of every kind and complimentary word.

Thanks for reading the Platinum Muse. This blog is meant to inspire you on your weight loss journey. I have lost 100# and am both a registered nurse and a nutritionist. I hope you find this helpful. For more like this visit

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