The Weight Loss Plateau

The inevitable weight loss plateau. It happens to all of us. You are spot on tracking your food and activity like a boss for days or even weeks on end. Maybe you have even noticed your rings getting looser and your jacket zipping up with room to spare. You hop on the scale with high expectations. You maybe even try to self- levitate as best you can. The number on the scale has stopped flashing blue in the early morning light. You glance down at the number. You stare. Exhale. You feel your facial expression drop and you step off of the scale. Hands on your hips you push the scale back up against the wall. Maybe a little name calling commences. You stand there in your birthday suite in the quiet dimly lit bathroom in the early morning hours. The cold morning air is beginning to sap your body heat. You start to chill. The number on the scale was not what you expected at all. Off to the shower to try and regroup under the warm steamy spray. You close your eyes. Argh! Why can’t I bust through this plateau?

We all know that there are a multitude of reasons your weight bounces around. Sodium intake, stress hormones, increasing exercise and building muscle, not drinking enough water. Or, sometimes your body is just plain being fickle for reasons we don’t yet understand. And, we all know that if you stick to the plan, as I have previously blogged about, your body will come around and bend and morph itself in to what you are working towards. I’m going to go ahead and share my before and after photos from my own 100# weight loss journey here for better perspective:

Just reflect for a moment on what I asked my body to do here over the course of 2 years. Reflection helps me gain a better perspective, and outright appreciation for my body, when I go back and look at these before and after pictures. I mean, my body has grown strong and continues to grow stronger even at the age of 64. It has given me 2 perfect children which have given rise to 4 perfect grandchildren. My body gets up every morning and continues to move me around and provide enough mental clarity for me to continue to work full and busy days as a Home Telehealth RN Care Coordinator at a major hospital. I feel good every darn day.

So, be patient with yourself and whatever it is that your body is working on that may not be visible to you at the moment. Your body is on track. It is innately set up for success even if you can’t see the change in the fleeting moment of your scale weigh in. Press on Platinum Muse readers. Stick to the plan and let the momentum begin to carry you. You CAN reach your 2021 goal!

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