The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

According to NOAA, a gustnado is a small, whirlwind which forms as an eddy in thunderstorm outflows. They do not connect with any cloud base rotation and are not tornadoes. Since their origin is associated with cumuliform clouds, gustnadoes will be classified as Thunderstorm Wind events. Like dust devils, some stronger gustnadoes can cause damage.

Have you had a little gustnado or wind event, in human form, spin through your day? A human gustnado can disrupt your good Zen vibes for days sometimes. Although irrelevant to your life, and usually to the rest of the world as well, a human gustnado can literally bend your path forward like rays of light trying to pass through a prism. Gustnadoes come out of nowhere like drive by shootings. Suddenly, you are sent scrambling to regain your balance, direction, and focus.

We all know that health and wellness is about balance and mind, body, spirit connection. Weight loss and weight control will not be acheived without a balanced and well cared for mindset. One piece of advice for weight loss success is to let those little human gustnadoes pass by. You may have to step aside a bit, maybe appreciate them for the entertainment value and curiosity that they are, but, just let them pass by. Then, refocus. Because you know better. Return to your plan, look at your goal again, and get your head back in the game. Do not look back at the gustnado, as tempting as it may be. It is simply not worth the sacrifice you will be choosing to make by doing so.

Pick the people you surround yourself with wisely in 2021. Do you know someone sharing your journey to a weight loss goal? Support each other and carry each other forward. I found a handful of people in my own 100# weight loss journey that always supported me in my moments of frustration and discouragement. They are the pillars and support poles of who I am today Find your circle, refine your goals, dig deep for the why behind your why. 2021 is going to be awesome!

Thank you for reading the Platinum Muse. Happy holidays and may 2021 move you forward on your journey to achieving your health and wellness goals!

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