My First Ever Virtual 5K. Or, My First Ever Any Kind Of 5K For That Matter!

Christmas Day 2020. Apart but together is how our family decided to do the day up right. Pandemics make that kind of stuff happen.

I will just share with you that although I have walked 5K, I had never completed a 5K Run Walk until Christmas Day 2020. I had completed Week 1 of my C25K (Couch to 5K) app quite easily which gave me a little confidence heading in to the virtual #wwwp5k with family members and friends. I was not planning on doing it in sorrel boots through a few inches of snow but that is how it went down.

My husband did the wwwp5k Run Walk with me. He is my support. The trails were breathtakingly beautiful. We came across a few other hikers and happy dogs along the way. The rest of our group? Well, there was a toddler meltdown up north. A hospital call-in to the south–circle back to that pandemic thing I mentioned earlier. One out of town friend ran a day later, and, one out of town friend I have not heard from yet. But we were all together on Christmas Day in Spirit and able to message back and forth with updates. It was not perfect but it was perfect.

I don’t think I ever want to quite go back my prepandemic holiday celebration traditions of eating, drinking, too many gifts, spending the day indoors. Of course I want my family near me for hugs and celebrating, but, I want to be out in the snow. It’s how I grew up. It’s where the holiday spirit is real and where you can touch it. Where giggles and laughter easily flow. It’s where you can center your soul again.

Tomorrow? Back to work for this nurse and the start of Week 2 C25K app. Rolling with the changes the pandemic has forced upon me and discovering new things I am passionate about.

The best time to do something significant is between yesterday and tomorrow.

_____Zig Ziglar

Thank you once again for reading the Platinum Muse. Let your dreams take flight in the New Year!

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