Personal Growth And Wellness Inside Political Chaos

It feels like the world has shifted since my last blog post on January 2nd. My intended purpose in writing my blog is to promote and inspire individual weight loss and wellness journeys. But, when I returned home from work on January 6th and had a chance to take a closer look at the photos, video clips, and news reporting of our US Capitol under siege from earlier that day, my heart saddened. I had a trail run planned for that evening but instead found myself in front of the TV screen watching events unfold at the Capitol Building. Was I shocked? No, I was not. But I was shaken to my core by the lawless, violent, mob behavior incited by our own President.

Thursday morning was quiet and business as usual at work. I found myself checking my phone for news updates on my break time walks and still trying to digest yesterday’s events. The world didn’t seem as safe anymore. I toyed around with a few ideas of how I could become more politically involved and support the things I value.

Evening brought me determination and drive to go back out and do my evening run. Sometimes you have to control what you can and grow in the space that you have. Personal growth goals remain important. As I ran I thought about our President Elect and whispered to myself “This one is for you Joe.” It was getting dark I had forgotten my both my headlamp and my ear pods. I was the only person in sight and the wooded trail unfolding in the twlight ahead of me was breathtaking. The only sound I could hear was my running shoes hitting the snowy, soft brown dirt and It gave me a sense of being strong and upright again. I love feeling the strength of my own body. I love the calmness and mental clarity trail running gives me. I have found something that feeds my soul.

I don’t expect this week ahead will be an easy one. My hopes are that we can embrace our different views, respect each other, and have discussions without turning to hate and violence. Keep growing and reaching for your goals. Move forward and never put your own life on hold because of someone else’s chaos.

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity. –Sun Tzu

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