Mondays are for Restarts!

It’s Monday. And it’s February 1st. So, for any of you who are just a tad obsessive-compulsive like me, it’s a great day to start something new! Or, the same thing, but, again!

January seemed to be a never ending month for me. My COVID shots seemed to take forever to schedule and complete. There didn’t seem to be enough daylight hours. I was cold. And, towards the end of the month I suffered an IT band reinjury that put a stop to my running for a bit.

I did rock my 65th birthday though! I went ice-skating for the first time in about 25 years on Saturday followed by cross skiing on that Sunday. It was a blast. Hence the IT band reinjury mentioned above. But hey, I was the last one in off the ice rink. I’ve been taking Aleve and doing some stretching in the days that followed which I have found helpful.

Now, Monday, February 1st. Recommitted to my health and wellness plan. I have that 100# weight loss under my belt and I will never, ever go back to where I came from. I’m working my program every single day this month. It’s a short month and I can do this. I felt pretty badass from the get go this morning even as I stood by the kitchen sink mixing up my Metamucil in a cold glass of water. Skating and skiing might have been a speed bump in the road for me but I’m ready to start running again (this time I will be stretching too–before and after) and next up will be the sledding hill with the grandkids!

Let your Weekend Warrior shine through this February. I’m here to tell you, you will love it! Let me know what you did!

P.S. I am getting one of these mid-March to be my running buddy.

I know, hey?

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